Here at Enchanted Herbs & Teas, located at 48 Main St.  Waterville, Maine, we are offering Psychic / Medium Readings using local psychics and mediums. Our psychics and mediums are authentic psychics / mediums, not simply "fortune tellers" and must pass a series of rigorous tests before working with us.  Our readers use different types of reading tools such as Tarot, Oracle, Crystals and Tea Leaves (not every reader uses all types).  Our readers are available 6 days a week (Mondays by appointment only) and in most cases can accommodate walk-ins.

You may schedule an appointment online, by calling the shop or simply stop in. 

Our Readers

AyrcaHeadShot1 Ayrca LeStrange

Just a stone throw away from the Crescent city of New Orleans, Ayrca comes from the Magnolia scented lands of Southern Mississippi. Born with the gulf waters in her blood and the glow of the bayou in her eyes, Ayrca was a natural choice for studying Southern Witchcraft. A true child of the Southern Tarot Traditions, Ayrca began her studies of both the craft and tarot at the young age of ten. Studying under some of the most respected witches and tarot readers of the bayou Ayrca’s educational foundation was strong and true to the values of divination readers from the south.

With her path spanning over nearly twenty years and steeped in magick she now brings her beloved southern craft to Waterville, Maine. Call today to book an appointment with this experienced reader located exclusively at Enchanted Herbs and Teas or schedule online..

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