We have an ever growing selection of products.  Below is a partial list:

altar tiles incense burners
athames (daggers) jewelry
books keyrings
botanicals lip balm
candle holders lotion
candles pouches and bags
chalices sage
chimes singing bowls
coconut oil smudging supplies
containers soap
dream catchers statuary
drums stones and crystals
essential oils tapestries and banners
fairy figurines tarot and oracle cards
herbs tea infusers
Himalyan pink salt lamps teapots
incense windchimes


Our tea selection contains many great offerings from brands such as Art of Tea, For Tea's Sake, Choice Organic Teas and Republic of Tea.

Art of Tea - Earl Grey For Tea's Sake - Afternoon Escape
Art of Tea - Earl Grey For Tea's Sake - Be Calm
Art of Tea - Earl Grey - 4 oz. bag For Tea's Sake - Calm Comfort Tea
Art of Tea - Earl Grey Creme For Tea's Sake - Citrus Delight
Art of Tea - Egyptian Chamomile For Tea's Sake - Cold Be Gone
Art of Tea - English Breakfast For Tea's Sake - It's Chai Time
Art of Tea - French Lemon Ginger For Tea's Sake - Let's Chai
Art of Tea - Green Pomegranate For Tea's Sake - Let's Cleanse
Art of Tea - Pacific Coast Mint For Tea's Sake - Let's Detox
Art of Tea - Purple Oolong For Tea's Sake - Let's Go Green
Art of Tea - Tali's Masala Chai For Tea's Sake - Skinny Sip
Art of Tea - Terba Matte For Tea's Sake - Sleep Well
Choice Organic Teas - Bancha Hojicha For Tea's Sake - Sour Apple Martini
Choice Organic Teas - Blakberry Hibiscus For Tea's Sake - Stress Escape
Choice Organic Teas - Breakfast Blend For Tea's Sake - Tummy TLC
Choice Organic Teas - Chai Spice For Tea's Sake - Vitali-Tea
Choice Organic Teas - Chamomile For Tea's Sake - Zen Master
Choice Organic Teas - Chamomile Mint Lady's Choice - Arthritis Relief Tea
Choice Organic Teas - Classic Black Lady's Choice - Awakened Vitality Tea
Choice Organic Teas - Dragon Well Lady's Choice - Body Builder Tea
Choice Organic Teas - Earl Grey Lavender Lady's Choice - Buffer for Headache Tea
Choice Organic Teas - Earl Grey Tea Lady's Choice - Good Memory Tea
Choice Organic Teas - English Breakfast Lady's Choice - High Blood Pressure Tea
Choice Organic Teas - Genmaicha Lady's Choice - Lite Weight Tea
Choice Organic Teas - Irsh Breakfast Lady's Choice - Lover's Tea
Choice Organic Teas - Jasmine Green Lady's Choice - Monthly Mystery Tea
Choice Organic Teas - Jasmine Green Lady's Choice - Painless Moments Tea
Choice Organic Teas - Licorice Mint Lady's Choice - Pleasant Dreams Tea
Choice Organic Teas - Mango Black Lady's Choice - Prosperity Tea
Choice Organic Teas - Mint Green Lady's Choice - Psychic Tea
Choice Organic Teas - moroccan Mint Lady's Choice - Respiratory Tea
Choice Organic Teas - Oolong Lady's Choice - Singer's Tea
Choice Organic Teas - Organic Darjeeling Lady's Choice - Tonic Tea
Choice Organic Teas - Peach Green Lady's Choice - Tum Tum Tea
Choice Organic Teas - Peppermint Tea Lady's Choice - Vitamin C Tea
Choice Organic Teas - Premium Japanese Green Petit Bouquet Tea
Choice Organic Teas - Rooibos Prince of Peace - Blood Pressure Tea
Choice Organic Teas - Twig Kukicha Prince of Peace - Blood Sugar Tea
Choice Organic Teas - Vanilla Rooibos Prince of Peace - Cholesterol Tea
Choice Organic Teas -Decaf English Breakfast Prince of Peace - Detox Tea
Dancing Leaves Flowering Tea™ Set Prince of Peace - Ginger Green Tea
Enchanted Blossoms Tea Prince of Peace - Ginger Honey Crystals
Flowering Tea™ Set in Bamboo Prince of Peace - Organic Green Tea
Prince of Peace - Peppermint Green Tea




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