Enchanted Herbs & Teas will be hosting a Witchcraft 101 class presented by Ayrca LeStrange and Wmffre Callach. Come and and learn the secrets the ancestors knew in this fun interactive class dual taught by a Southern Witch and a Salem trained Witch. This class will give a solid foundation for anyone who wishes to practice as a solitary or coven Witch.

This is a four month class beginning on Nov. 6th, 2017 and running through Feb. 26th, 2018 (Monday evenings - see calender https://www.enchantedherbsmaine.com/events for full schedule)

Cost: $250
Register before October 21st and save $50.
You may pre-register with a 50% payment with the remainder due on the first class.
A monthly payment plan is available $70/month for four months (total of $280)

register now

WC101 Color

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