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Our Tea Bar Is Open!

Our tea bar is now open.  We will be offerig 2 Teas of the Day and 2 Coffess of the Day.  These are pre-brewed and piping hot for faster service.  In addition, we are able to brew (french press), upon request, any of the tea flavors that we have in stock.  With brands such as Art of Tea, For Tea's Sake, Choice Organic Teas and, coming soon, Republic of Tea, we are certain to have a flavor to suit your taste.

Stop on in to check out our new tea bar!

Now offering Tea Leaf Readings!

We are very pleased to announce that, with the opening of our new tea bar, we are able to offer tea leaf readings!  Tea leaf readings (Tasseomancy) is a form of psychic divination using tea leaves.  In addition to tea leaf readings, we offer psychic readings using tarot and oracle decks.  

Be sure to stop in, visit our new tea bar, and sit for a cuppa and tea leaf reading with Ayrca or Wmffre.

Please see our psychic reading page for more info:


We have a lovely bunch of coconut (oil)

We have just received our shipment of Earth LUXE raw coconut oil!  It is available in 2, 4, 8 & 16 oz. jars.

Earth LUXE Coconut Oil Display


DIY Natural Insect Repellent Workshop

In May we did our first Natural Insect Repellant workshop.  Since then we have had several requests to reprise this workshop.  We are considering the requests.  Please let us know if there are any dates and times that work better for people. 


Tea of the Month - May

The For Tea's Sake Tea of the Month at Enchanted Herbs & Teas is Let's Detox.  This rooibos tea contains nettle, raspberry, licorice root, anise, clove, calendula and safflowers giving this infusion a subtle sweet and spicy taste.  

From the label: "An exotic and delicious balance of rich Rooibos, licorice and raspberry provides a source of anti-oxidants to detox the system.  It cleanses the palate and nourishes the body and soul.  You deserve this!"

This is a perfect tea for your "spring cleaning".

This tea is specially priced at $9.75, a savings of 25% off the regular price.  You may purchse this tea in-store or online

Tea of the Month - April

The For Tea's Sake Tea of the Month at Enchanted Herbs & Teas is Afternoon Escape.  This black tea contains papaya, blackberry, lime leeaves and safflower petals giving this infusion a subtle fruity taste.  

From the label: "Exotic fruits highlight this lucious blend that finishes with a twist of lime and a dash of blackberry."

This is a perfect tea for the "well-deserved" break.

This tea is specially priced at $9.75, a savings of 25% off the regular price.  You may purchse this tea in-store or online.

Tea 101

There is some confusion over what "tea" actually is. 

"Tea" is the common name of the Camellia sinensis plant.  The beverage “Tea” is an infusion (hot or cold) of the leaves (and sometimes twigs, in the case of twig tea) of the Camellia sinensis plant.  Herbal “teas” are more correctly called “tisanes”  (pronounced tɪˈzæntɪˈzæn) when they do not contain Camellia sinensis (Tea) leaves.  Interestingly, “teas” are tisanes but not all tisanes are “teas” (but are often referred to as such).

Teas are generally be divided into five categories: white, green, oolong, black, and puer.

White tea is hand-processed using the juvenile leaves of the tea plant which are then wilted and dried before any oxidation occurs.  White tea leaves are generally brewed at lower temperatures and for a short period of time resulting in a cream colored infusion with a lower caffeine content.

Green tea is only allowed to wither a small amount, making it one of the least oxidized teas.  Oxidation is halted by heating the leaves by steaming or pan-frying, a process known as “fixing”.  The leaves are then rolled and dried.  Brewing the leaves yields a “green” infusion with a “green” taste.

Oolong tea leaves are bruised and allowed to go through a partial oxidation process.  Oolong teas can be anywhere from 1% oxidized to 99% oxidized.  Brewing the Oolong tea results in an infusion with colors and tastes somewhere between green and black teas.  The taste of Oolong tea has sometimes been compared to the taste of fresh flowers or fresh fruit.







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